Today in photos

riding to school

Lex rode his bike to school this morning. Alan ran along. I took pictures :)


Snack under the "club house"

on the swing

Chillin' on the swing, waiting for someone to push her :)


We transplanted some flowers the kids brought home from school last week. Lex's is a sunflower and Eve's is unknown. She can't remember. I'm hoping they grow just so we can find out what she planted!

lex planting

He was really interested (for a few minutes anyway) in learning how to properly transplant a flower.


We decided to decorate the club house with the plants. Lex carefully placed them and watered them.


Looks good to me.

slide race

Slide race!

cake 1

Cake for tomorrow's bowling party!

cake 2

I rock! :)

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