We went today for our first CSA pickup. I had to bug the kids to get them in the car (they are whiny today!) but when we got there they loved it so much I had to bug them to get them back in the car. (I’m kind of whiny today too!) The farm is just beautiful, the owner is super nice, and we had a great time exploring. As an added bonus, we came home with TONS of veggies! Standard stuff like romaine, spinach, and mesclun, but also some fun stuff like asparagus (so tall!), rhubarb, parsnips, radishes, and tatsoi. We’re going to be trying new recipes this week!

chickens on the hill

Chicken coop and water cube


This is a blurry picture, but don't those chickens look funny? See all the naked pink butts? Is this because their feathers haven't grown in yet? I didn't have the heart to tell the kids that those chickens would be in the freezer pretty soon.

water cube

We were all interested in the water cube. There's a hose attached and it runs down hill to the greenhouses.


These are the baby lambs we saw in March, all grown up.


Broccoli and more!

on the trail

Following the trail up to the swings.


Do these look familiar? Still fun, even in the summer.


I like these flowers. What are they?


Oh yes, this is why we went. I think we will have enough veggies to tide us over for a few days!

5 thoughts on “CSA

  1. The flowers are columbines. They come in all kinds of pretty colors, and are easy to grow. You should plant some in your garden. :)

  2. Yup, Lauren nailed it, we have some out back. They are really pretty. You also might like “Bleeding Hearts”. Google them. They also are easy to grow. Hope we can get up to see you all soon. When she gets her strength back, of course.

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