A tiny bit nervous

I’ve been debating all day about posting this, and I’m going to, mostly for my own records (as you all know, this blog serves dual purposes!) However, please, please, please don’t worry, I’m sure everything is fine…

That said, I’m a tiny bit worried today. I had some spotting last night and a bit more today. I called the midwives (the ones I’ve seen already, not the new hospital) and said “I just need to hear that this is normal.” She said basically that it’s most likely normal and fine, especially since I haven’t had any cramps, but of course she had her caveats. She told me that I can come in anytime for a heartbeat check… which I’m contemplating. I feel a little guilty doing it when I have an appointment next week with the other midwife team, but I might go tomorrow, just to ease my mind. She didn’t hear a heartbeat when I was there last week, but it’s been almost a week, so maybe she can hear it now. If they don’t… well, I’m not sure if that will just make me more nervous. I know it is still a bit early for it. Sigh.

When the midwife called me with the results from my 7wk ultrasound she asked if I’d had any spotting. I said no. Never had any with any of my pregnancies. She said something about a blood spot showing up on the ultrasound and said it may cause spotting in the future. I hope that’s it!

One thought on “A tiny bit nervous

  1. Sweetheart, it is in the hands of a higher power. And either way you’ll know soon. We understand your concern, which is natural, but really you and Alan made a “cake” and now it’s baking under the watchful eye of Him above. He will reveal His will and desire for all of you shortly. Love and prayers for the health, safety, and welfare of all. <3

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