9 weeks, again

Here we are at nine weeks again. We were here two weeks ago, before the ultrasound tech decided baby was really only seven weeks. Oh well. Baby is still doing a good job of striping me of all energy and making me feel constantly nauseous. Just baby’s little way of making sure I don’t forget :) I’ll tell ya though, I don’t know how people handle this first trimester stuff with a houseful of kids. I’ve had roughly the same symptoms with each pregnancy, but they seem so different. When I was pregnant with Lex I was self-employed and was able to rest when I needed to and take care of myself. With Eve, Lex was still young and we were busy with the new house and changing jobs, but he still napped twice a day and we didn’t have any firm schedules. Now with preschool and swimming and playdates and two active kids, I can barely make it through the day… even though I nap with them every day! By lunch time and bedtime I am a very cranky mommy. I hope the kids don’t remember these days well :) I tell them often that it takes a lot of energy to raise two kids and even more energy to grow a baby inside and I’m just pretty low on energy. They are sweet and seem to understand, but I still feel bad for being so tired! We had a playdate today with five kids (my two plus three others) and by the time everyone left at 5pm I was whipped! Sigh. How do people do this with their fourth and fifth pregnancies?!?

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