Happy Easter!

Just a few days late…

We had a nice Easter this year. It started, dark and early, with Lex coming into my room at 6am to tell me “I guess the Easter bunny doesn’t come until after the sun comes up.” I wasn’t sure how much he would remember from last year, but I guess he was expecting the bunny. When we went downstairs he found that the bunny had left little baskets on the table instead of beside the bed (guess he didn’t remember that from last year!) They got a few pieces of candy, a few Berenstain Bears books, and some stickers. They were happy and by 6:30 they were asking if we could go outside and hunt for Easter eggs. We had told them the night before that if the weather was nice we could do it outside. They were excited! I held them off until Alan woke up and the sun rose, and around 9am I snuck outside to hide some eggs. The kids came out and had a great time finding them. Then Alan hid them again while we went over to the neighbor’s house to see if Parrish wanted to come find Easter eggs too. The three kids together found them all, then the kids hid them for the grownups to find. Mostly the boys hid them and Eve followed behind collecting them :) Lex kept taking them out of her basket to hide, but I don’t think he realized she was collecting them, so the process went on for awile! Then we all played outside in the sunny weather until lunchtime.

With minimal protest I got the kids inside for lunch and naps (for all of us!) After naps we headed to the playground to use up some energy before dinner at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. As we drove to the playground I was thinking of kids putting on their Easter clothes for dinner at their grandparents house. My kids were securely fastened in the car in their grubby clothes from the morning. Sigh. We played hard at the playground for awhile then I washed them up and changed them into the spare clothes I had brought along, just in case. Not exactly Sunday best (Lex’s pants had a hole in the knee!) but not dirty and sandy and grubby. It’s a start, right? So we went to dinner. When we got there we found that Grandma and Katie had hidden plastic Easter eggs throughout the house. The kids had a great time finding them all and opening them to discover little candy treats and coins and toys. Then they planted themselves in Grandma’s chair to inhale their candy! A little chocolate and a lot of laughing (Eve and Aunt Katie together are very silly!) was a bad combination for Lex and he threw up (chocolately yuckiness!) all over! We rushed him to the bathroom, cleaned him up and the chair, and put him back in his grubby playground clothes. Then he was happy and raring to go again. In fact, he said “I’m just going to have one more piece of candy.” Umm….. no! Then we had dinner. Yummy lasagna and salad and ham that I’m sure was also yummy. Part way through dinner Eve sat straight up and said her back hurt. Before anyone could respond she threw up all over the table! More chocolatey yuckiness! I rushed her to the bathtub too and the sweet girl looked at me with big eyes and said, “I’m sorry mommy. I didn’t mean to throw up on the table.”

After that we finished dinner (someone cleaned the table up and everything was spotless by the time I returned) and laid low for awhile. The kids both felt fine right away, so I’m sure it was just too much candy and excitement. When I got them in bed at 9:30pm they both were asking for snacks (they didn’t really eat any dinner!) so I gave them milk and carrots while we read stories. They both ate happily. I LOVE when they eat carrots happily.

So that was our day. By the time I got to bed it felt like a very long day! Then back to school and routine on Monday. I’m actually ready for some consistent routine. We’ve been pretty far off schedule, and pretty hepped up on sugar, for awhile now and I’m looking forward to some boringness.

Some pictures…
Easter pictures

One more quote from Lex. “I’m just going to hug this carrot shaped bag of jelly beans,” says Lex as we were driving home from Grandma’s. I told him he could hold them, but not eat them.

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  1. Good to see Molly wasn’t the only one to vomit on Easter. I take it as a good sign that the kids aren’t used to all that candy — that they haven’t built up a tolerance yet. :)

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