Excited for the new baby

Guess what Lex told me this morning at breakfast? He said, “Mom, I’m so excited for the new baby. Then there will be FOUR people in this house for me to hug and love.” Isn’t that sweet!?! He told me he would hug the baby gently and he could could carry the baby if I needed help and he would always have lots of books ready to read while I nurse. Yesterday he asked if the baby would have birthday cake and, if so, would the baby share with him :) Eve has decided she needs to learn how to read so she can read stories to the baby (she isn’t actually making much effort that way though!) She also includes the new baby when she’s divvying things up. Sorting fabric pieces the other day she said, “One for me, one for Lex, one for the baby, one for mommy, and one for daddy.” I love how these thoughts come on their own, not in relation to conversations we’ve just had or anything, but all on their own. They make me happy.

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