Water confidence

After today’s swimming lesson I noticed a marked change in Lex’s water confidence. Until now he’s been very happy in the water, eager to play, but clings to me like his life depends on it (it does!) when we are in deep water. Eve will put on a floaty and happily bob along in the current pool, but Lex clings. He loves it, but maintains that death grip! Today he was much more relaxed in the current pool. He still refused the floaty (bummer!) but held on much more loosely and even let go of me once or twice, as long as I was still holding on to him! :) He was also very eager to show me a trick they learned in class to dive for rings at the bottom of the pool. We went into a small area with bench in the water and he happily dropped the ring and then “swam” to the bottom to retrieve it. Very cool. I helped him find his way back to the bench a few times, when he needed it. Overall he was so much more confident in the water than I’ve seen before. Yay!

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