The kids were playing out in the backyard this afternoon and got stung by bees.  Again.  Poor kids!  Actually, last month just Lex got stung. Today it was both if them. Parrish escaped unharmed at least.  I’d hate to  send friends home with bee stings. 

I was worried about Eve because it was her first bee sting and she had that peanut allergy in the past.  I was hoping we would have bee allergies on our hands.

She got stung on her upper lip. Lex also got stung on his upper lip and on his upper arm.  Eve was fine.  Lex on the other hand… not so fine.

Here he is 40m after the sting (20m after his first Benedryl dose) –


Three hours later –


The good news is that he is in no pain.  I guess it looks a lot worse than it feels.  I keep checking for numb tongue or other swelling.  Over the three hours the lip swelling went down a bit, or maybe just moved to his cheek and eye.  Poor guy.  I hope he feels (and looks) better in the morning.

6 thoughts on “Bees!

  1. I get swelling like that too. I remember in darien lake- i got bit or stung while i was sleeping and my lip got that big too. poor little guy. hug em both for me.

  2. I have been stung in the face twice before and the swelling was really bad. I hope they both feel better soon! If it makes them feel better tell them Dave got stung at least 8 times this summer. Some were more than one sting at a time.

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