Doctor visits and play dates

Lex woke up this morning looking like this –


So much for improvement with a good night’s sleep. I spent awhile deliberating about who should take him to the doctor.  No question that he needed a doctor!  Alan offered to rearrange a few things and take the day off, but my momma heart was hurting.  Then Lex snuggled me and said he really wanted me to take him.  Decision made.  I was supposed to be at UVEI today, but I’m a momma first.  I also had my own emergency doctor visit today!  Last night I was taking my contacts out and one tore.  I’ve never had that happen before.  It looked and felt like there was a triangle piece still in my eye.  And, of course, it was my last lens.  Luckily it was my right eye, which isn’t all that great anyway.

So we dropped Eve off at school and headed to the doctor’s office for a drop-in, unannounced visit.  They took one look at him and said, “Come right in!”  Almost like that anyway, we only had to wait a few minutes before they were able to fit us in.  The doctor did her full exam and decided it was just a local reaction, which I guess is a good thing.  She gave him a prescription from prednisone and we headed off to see the eye doctor.

The eye doctor was equally quick.  We were lucky everyone was so accommodating to our emergency needs.  The doctor put an orange colored dye in my eye to make it easier to see if there was any part of the lens in there.  She couldn’t find anything.  Then she gave me a trial lens in my prescription, which was amazing!  My right eye has a very unique prescription so I wasn’t expecting them to have that available in trial. I was mostly planning on headaches for a few days until we could order new ones.  I had an appointment scheduled for Thursday, which I will be keeping, and I didn’t want to order new lenses before getting my Rx checked.  I got lucky with the trial one.

Since I could see again and Lex was feeling alright, I decided to take advantage of the “day off” and get some long over-due errands done, like the grocery shopping!  With his swollen face and my orange eye I’m sure we looked like quite the pair walking into CVS.  We headed straight to the dairy case for some chocolate milk to wash down the medicine – doctor’s orders.  Then grocery shopping, book store, and a quick visit to Good Beginnings to drop off some baby items from a friend that have been sitting in my car for weeks.  Like I said, long over-due errands.

We got home, crashed in front of our respective computers for an hour, then went to the bus stop to pick up Eve and a friend of hers who we were babysitting for the afternoon.   By the end of the afternoon we had four moms and seven kids.  We played in the leaves, played in the sand, played in the Legos, and had a noisy fun afternoon.



One mom brought pizza and we had a big dinner party.  Alan came home to a surprise house full of people. :)

Tomorrow Lex and I are going back to school. Hopefully with little to no swelling. Conveniently they are riding bikes in PE and he doesn’t want to miss that, so that will be good motivation to get him out the door in the morning. I’m glad through all of this that he has felt just fine. He looks awful, but he’s had plenty of energy, a good appetite, and a very good disposition. He has made caring for him very sweet and easy.

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