All better


Just before they wheeled him into surgery.

Alan had his hernia surgery today.  They found the hernia had grown quite a bit and apparently they found another one as well!  They patched up both and promised us he’ll be as good as new.

I dropped the kids at school then met Alan at the hospital.  We hung out in the hospital room for a few hours until the OR was available.  Then they gave me a pager and sent me on my way.  I hung out, had lunch, tried to do some work, made friends with a teacher in the waiting room, and generally kept myself busy until they paged me.  Order up!

After the anaesthesia wore off we headed out.  Home by 5:00.  The kids went to an after-school program for the day and I picked them up once Alan was settled on the couch.

I have no catchy ending for this.  Sorry.  Tired!  Send warm wishes to Alan for a speedy recovery.  I suspect he’ll be up and at ’em in no time!

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