A Valentine’s Day Sneak Peek

Valentine’s Day is coming up (in four weeks!) and the kids are eager to get started with their cards. Last week I showed Lex several cool ideas on Pinterest (this, this, this, and this). He said, “Cool!!” I asked if he wanted to do one of them this year and he said, “No, let’s just make our own the way we do every year.” Ok then. So out came all the crafty reds and pinks. Our table has once again become a perpetual craft table. The kids also decided to use the rest of our Christmas candy canes on the cards. They are red and white after all!

card to me p1

Step across…

card to me p2

… to my heart. Isn’t he sweet!

He’s made many creative cards. I guess I only took pictures of the one for me. :) I’ll take a few more before they get delivered to friends and family.


E-card for Eve


We’re having fun with a Valentine’s Day Mad Libs I picked up in the grocery store. :)

Today we made Valentine’s Day sandwich cookies, a la Martha Stewart! I haven’t had one yet, but the filling I licked off my fingers was delicious!


Sandwich cookies

A few days ago Eve spent a very long time building “Cupid.” At first I had no idea what she was talking about and it appeared as though she were randomly gluing and cutting. But when it all came together I finally was able to see her creation. It kept falling over so she smartly pulled a yogurt container out of the recycling bin and glued the whole thing onto it, thereby providing a solid plastic base. Smart girl!

cupid p1

Eve’s cupid

cupid p2

The other side of cupid. Here you can see the “bow” and the tip of the red “arrow” coming through.

cupid p3

Eve took several pictures, but she framed them all such that my 6am face was included!

One thought on “A Valentine’s Day Sneak Peek

  1. Tessa, the header is beautiful! What is Lex unraveling?
    After I read this this morning, I saw Valentine candy at the store- I was so surprised. Today winter is 1/3 over…tho the temperatures are the coldest yet..but looking forward to Valentines Day will be fun.

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