Dear Santa

The kids seem to think Santa reads the blog and therefore there is no reason for them to actually mail their lists to Santa. Lex also wrote a letter in school that will run in the newspaper next weekend so he thinks he has his bases covered.

Sooo… in case Santa is reading the blog (awesome!) here are their lists. :)


Lex’s list

  • a hockey Lego set
  • another remote control train
  • some Lego construction sets
  • some tracks for my electric train
  • a Battleship game
  • some invisible ink markers
  • a magic book
  • a Lightening McQueen watch
  • a Wall Track Hot Wheels race track
  • a remote control helicopter
  • a remote control airplane
  • a Bumblebee transformer and some more Decepticons

Eve’s list

Eve’s list started awhile ago with a real chick-a-dee and a dog, illustrations included. Once I convinced her that any live animals that Santa brings will be sent right back on his sleigh, she decided to add more items to her list. It goes something like this…

Dear Santa, I want a Hello Kitty watch, and a fluffy white bunny, and a super great princess, and a fake kitten, and a toy kitchen, and a toy heart.

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