A festive start to December

We had a lovely weekend to start off the new month. As I mentioned yesterday we started advent boxes and Christmas decorating. Lex is super excited to have his Christmas train set back out. He was also super excited this weekend to go to a hockey game that some of his classmates were playing in. There is a group of boys in his class that brought a hockey trophy in a few weeks ago and they were in the newspaper last week. He really wants to play hockey now. He came home this week with a copy of their home game schedule. The games are all at 8am, except today which was at 9:15. We got there by 9:30. He was thrilled and his buddies were happy to see him. I got to chat with some other mothers and we all had a good time. While we did that, Eve and Alan went on their monthly “Daddy/Eve date.” They went out to breakfast, ran some errands, then went out to lunch!

After quiet time we packed up again and headed over to a friends house to make gingerbread houses! We had a great time. We built two houses and all four of the kids worked really hard decorating them. Now they’ll have to work even harder to not pick at them all month! :)

decorating p1

Just getting started.

decorating p2

Eve’s side. They started off with sides, but towards the end they were working on both sides together and I was throwing in my additions as well.

decorating p3

Lex’s side. I like the Crunch bar roof!

decorating p4

Check out the fancy Crunch bar entry way on our friends’ house!

decorating p5

The hardest part was getting all four sugared up kids back to the table for a photo. Yes, there was some candy sampling along the way. :)


There’s the sugar crazies!


Aahhh… our house is under attack!!

At dinner Alan and Lex discussed their plan of attack (which pieces of candy to eat first) for once the ok was given to dig in! I suspect pieces will slowly start to disappear over the next few weeks. :)

PS. Many years ago I made a gingerbread house with this same friend. Back when Eve was a baby! The house I made looks a bit different than what the kids did today. :)

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