Baking bonanza!

We had a bake-a-rific weekend! Saturday was our
annual cookie party. We had two other families join us to bake
lots and lots of cookies. My little house had 5 adults and 5
kids running around. We made gingerbread men (and women and
children) and the toddlers painted them (with some help from
the grown-ups). We made fudge and Rudolph cookies and
cranberry-white-chocolate-chip-oatmeal cookies and all sort of
yummy things :) Sadly Jim & Julie were unable to attend
this year, but with little Tinkerbell almost done baking,
everyone was pretty understanding.

Eve and I went to visit my friend Jen today to
make a gingerbread house! My first! She is a professional baker
and offered to teach me. So we had a fun, relaxed day of
baking, cutting, framing, and decorating with breaks here and
there for lunch and tending to little ones. It was cool. Lex
and Alan got a boys day together and both were duly impressed
when I brought home my creation.

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