“So sad”

As many of you know, we use “so sad” as a
Love & Logic term with the kids. In the past few days Lex
has decided to be helpful and “so sad” Eve :) I’m not sure if
we should encourage this behavior (who wants their big brother
disciplining them?), but the funny part is he has been correct
in each case. He even says it with empathy and gives her a big
hug afterwards. For example, tonight she got Alan’s slipper and
started to chew on it, so Lex walked over, said “So sad Eve”
and took the slipper away. He put it back with the other one
and then went over and gave Eve a big hug. So cute!!

And speaking of Eve, she seems to have
discovered just yesterday that she can get farther by crawling
instead of pulling herself along with her hands. She’s been
doing a little crawling and a lot of GI Joe moves, but that’s
just a lot of work! Suddenly she realized that crawling can be
faster. Go Eve!

Lots of other stuff
going on these days, but it’s 10:30 and I’m tired. I did sign
up another kid today, a two year old girl. Lex will be
surrounded by girls :) She’s coming for a few hours next week,
then starting full-time in January. Should be fun!

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