An easy cuddly craft project

Have you seen those fancy pillow kits they sell at JoAnn Fabric? Probably other places as well. It includes pre-cut fleecy fabric and that’s about it. I loved the idea, but not the price, so I bought some festive fabric a few weeks ago and this afternoon we tied up some pillows!


Eve learned how to tie knots and got lots of practice!


Lex was busy working on a book, but once he saw how cool this project was he joined in our knot tying activities.

I didn’t take step-by-step photos, but the project is super easy! Start by measuring whatever pillow you have laying around. Then lay out two pieces of fleece and cut them to a square a bit bigger than the pillow. I had about 4″ extra inches all around. Then measure 4″ all the way around (mark it with chalk or something) and then cut fringe from the edge to the 4″ line. THEN, tie the top fringe to the bottom fringe in double knots. This is the most forgiving project ever. You can use 4″ or 3″ or 5″ or whatever. You can have evenly spaced fringe or let your five year old do the cutting and get all sorts of different widths. You can have perfectly sized squares to begin with, or just roughly the same size. Whatever! That’s the kind of project we like best around here!

proud lex

I love this boy!

When we were done I sent Eve off to take pictures while I started dinner.


Princess stickers on her pants.


This was one of a dozen or so she took. I’ll spare you all of them, especially the mouth open down the throat shot! Funny girl!


There are the pillows! We made three total total.


Happy cuddly kids!

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