Cub Scouts, Wolf Pack

After our first cub scout meeting, the Valley Quest outing, and a summer to think about it, Lex is still super excited about joining Cub Scouts. So we did. Tonight was the first meeting. It was a bit chaotic, but mostly because the pack leader was trying to talk to the parents for awhile. Now that the details are out of the way, he promises next meeting will be much more controlled. They had a snack, went outside to play soccer for awhile (which Lex LOVED!) and then just ran around while the parents did a little more paperwork. The leader has two boys, one in Lex’s group, and seems really with it. This is his first year in charge. I was told he was an assistant last year. He seemed great. Lex had a great time so I filled out the paperwork and wrote the check. I guess you’ll find us at scout meetings on Wednesday nights for awhile!

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