Eve has taken an interest in Hangman lately. Look at the game from lunch today. Before she put in the “P” I was entirely stumped and convinced she was making things up. She told me it was three words and when I got the “U” it was clear they were repeating words. I completely missed the “P” and, to be honest, it’s because I quickly assumed she was making up words. Or changing her mind as she went a long, which she tends to do. When I was completely hung she giggled (a lot!) and started writing the “P”. Up Up Up. She was so proud of herself!


When I came in to read her stories after lunch I found her rocking her babies and reading them a story. She is so sweet and smart and ready for school!


Speaking of school, here is Eve’s quote of the day:
“I hope there’s not going to be any learning on the first day of school.”

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