Weekend Update

Real quick. Last post. When it rains it pours around here!


Eve pouting in the corner because “No one will play with me,” after Lex and I got bored of playing her endless imaginary game. Poor girl. She needs some 5yr old girl friends to play with!

quiet time

This is what quiet time in our house looks like sometimes. Other times it’s a boy lost in a book. I never know what I’ll find when I open the door.


Who can resist licking the bowl after the most popular snack in the house – popcorn with raisins, spray butter, and nutritional yeast!


Tea and the newspaper. Like my new tea mug? I painted it myself. :)


Eve bought window markers with her allowance last week and our windows have been thoroughly decorated all week. We finally got around to washing them this weekend. I even managed to make it a game for the kids!

fat lip

I can’t expect to make it through a busy week with family and babysitters and contractors and house disruptions and all without at least one major breakdown. This week’s breakdown came courtesy of Lex on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately it ended with him jumping off the ottaman in his bedroom and crashing face first into a wooden doll cradle. The result was a scrape on his gums above his front teeth, a cut on the inside of his lip, and an hour with a mouthful of gauze to contain the bleeding. Now he’s left with a fat lip. Poor boy.

One more day until school starts!

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