Easter 2012

This is your lucky day!  Eve insisted on another audio book so I gave in and went upstairs to start one for her. Along the way I turned on the TV computer. Now I’ll try to get a blog post in before my laptop battery dies. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then clearly you haven’t read my tired post.

(Side note: I just found tree bark in my slipper. How does that happen?!)

We had a really nice Easter this year. The kids are so funny about Easter. They don’t quite understand the religious aspect of it (hmm.. I wonder whose fault that is!) and the bunny side of the story is cute, but doesn’t make a lot of sense either. I think they enjoy the holiday but almost in a “humoring mom” sort of way.

When they woke up in the morning they both walked right past this

easter baskets

The bunny leaves treats at the table in our house.

and into the bathroom for our normal routine of clothes and teeth brushing. I said Happy Easter to each of them several times, they returned the phrase but had no expectations. Then they went into the living room to play. I had to draw their attention to the table before they noticed the baskets. I could have totally forgotten (and I almost did!) and they wouldn’t have even noticed.

The day before we had colored Easter eggs with some weird glitter dye set I bought on sale last year. We ended up with pastel shades of blue, pink, and green.

eggs p1





eggs p2

Easter morning they unpacked their baskets and dug into the candy. The Easter bunny doesn’t leave too much chocolate in this house, mostly because I would eat it all! Instead they got jump ropes, gardening gloves, and suncatcher projects. And some candy too, of course.


both kids


Then we began one of many Easter egg hunts. Each hunt results in at least one cracked egg. Lex gave us some excitement when he hid the eggs so well we couldn’t find them all. He is a master egg hider! Fortunately he eventually remembered where they all were so our house doesn’t stink like four day old rotten eggs!

egg hunt 1

egg hunt 2

egg hunt 3

egg hunt 4

completed suncatchers

Ok, now my laptop battery is about to die and both kids are at my elbow. I’ll have to leave you hanging here, but don’t worry, I’ll be back soon for part two of our exciting Easter day! If you just can’t stand the wait, check out the fancy photos on Rosy’s blog. That should tide you over.


After a sufficient amount of time was spent hunting for pastel Easter eggs, we all got dressed and packed up a picnic lunch of tofu salad, pb&j, baby carrots, and angel food cake with chocolate frosting, strawberries and not one, but TWO, flavors of ice cream! Then we headed down to the rehab facility for an Easter/birthday celebration. We met Grandma there (obviously!) and Grandpa and Katie. We had lunch in the cafeteria and I’m pretty sure no two people ate the same thing. Then we moved to a beautiful sun-room where we set up presents and cake and made ourselves at home. The sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds and the day was lovely. We had Easter presents, birthday presents for Dad, and birthday presents for Eve. Plus a brother present for Lex. :)

eve and flowers

Eve pretending to tend to the fake flowers, with her new gardening gloves.


Lex brought along his Mindstorm Lego ball sorter to play with. More to come on this cool toy in another post. It has currently taken the form of a walking, snapping alligator in my kitchen!


Easter love. (bunny ears compliments of Alan)

birds nest

We found a fake birds nest in the fake tree, so we gave it a fake egg.

presents p1

Time for presents!

presents p2

Happy Birthday Dad!

jump roping

Lex got bored of watching other people open presents so he decided to practice his jump roping for awhile.

presents p3

What's in the box? Roller skates!

skates for lex

Skates for Lex too!

lex skating

Lex put them on immediately and hit the road!

eve skating

Eve took hers for a spin as well.

eve and grandpa

Eve and Popcube. I wish I had a better angle on this shot. It was a beautiful hug.

lex skating p2

He is a quick study these days! Good balance and eager to learn.


Cake time. Eve shared hers with her new horse and Barbie.

another egg hunt

Time for another egg hunt. I'm sure we amused all of the residents with windows overlooking the courtyard.

eve finds an egg

She gets very excited when she finds the eggs.

kids hiding

Then the kids took a turn hiding the eggs. Grandpa Tom overruled all of my good parental advice so we made him stay outside and supervise the hiding process. Good thing too because there were several we were unable to find and he had to come to the rescue! These kids are excellent egg hiders!

in the tree

I never put that much effort into hiding an egg!

After that we (mainly ME!) were tired and ready to hit the road. It took a few trips but I get everything loaded into the car and we headed home. The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur. I’m sure we ate some dinner, and the kids found their way to bed eventually. Surprisingly they even woke up and went to school without much fuss the next day. Thankfully!

This post has taken me three days to write, but I made it to the end. The “add a picture” process is time consuming, so when I add many pictures it takes awhile. Enjoy! Happy Easter! :)

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