I am so tired.  Unbelievably tired.  I had trouble keeping my eyes open on the drive home from school.  I think we all are.  Eve had a meltdown (sadly that’s not unusual for her) and Lex said he felt ill.  When we got home I instituted an emergency quiet time for everyone.  Eve is in her room with an audio book, Lex is in the office with his Legos, and I’m at the table with my laptop, tea, and burgundy chunks.  Oops, I wasn’t going to mention those.  I have hundreds of pictures to post and Easter update and all that jazz… but I’m too tired to go turn on the tv computer (which houses the photos) and I’m even more too tired to write coherent posts about all the pictures.  So you get this instead.  Just stopping by to say hi.  I have a super busy week this week (when does it end?!) and then the kids have vacation next week (with an overnight trip to Boston in the works!) and then, maybe then, we’ll settle back into a routine and I won’t be quite so tired… maybe.

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