How old am I?!?!

In the car today, coming home from school, the kids were being goofy and saying silly things. Eve said something about saying something five hundred years ago and then Lex replies with, “You didn’t say it five hundred years ago because you weren’t born five hundred years ago, and mom was just a kid!”

Hmmmmm… maybe I need to freshen up my look, or get more rest, or something!

I love reading back through the old quotes. I’m so glad I started that page. :)

One thought on “How old am I?!?!

  1. Given the history of the family, it is entirely possible she said something 500 years ago. Her great grand father Smith used to go into a “trance” like state and write/copy word for word text transcribed by monks in a 13-1400 medieval English monastery. And their ancestry goes back to people who lived in the 900s. The same holds true for the Collier/Steuer family. So she is well within the realm of possibilities. :-) And we already know there are souls who communicate with her. (The “wings” for Grammy Lynn.) I’m just really happy that she doesn’t appear to be scared of the whole phenomenon. God bless her and hopefully she will come to accept “visitors”, if she has them, as angels and/or messengers from Him. It is a special gift that she has picked up from Grammy Lynn.
    Love you all ssooooo, much. See you in May. Xs and Os to all of you.

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