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  1. I need a little context on this one- why is Lex researching public transit systems? And what does Rosy have to do with it? I’m sure she knows, but I can’t make the connection. Thanks

  2. I don’t know why he was studying, but I was helping out via text message by looking up some transit systems while I was writing my own paper. technology bringing people closer!

  3. Yes, it’s worth a second comment. I can’t stop looking at it! Every little detail… the rocks and pebbles underneath the tracks, the cable coming off the top of the car and the promise of a car ahead and another behind, the sound effect, the up and down escalators, the hands and feet on the people, the color choices,… MY GOODNESS!

  4. Mom – Lex drew a picture of the metro station and we got to discussing (again) the differences between the metro and a subway and general public transportation. He decided to write things down. He flipped over his paper and started writing the names of the public transportation systems in different cities. We came up with a few and then I texted Rosy to ask what the one in London was called. She seemed to enjoy the game and found a bunch more for us. Lex loved it, until he filled up the page, then he decided he had enough.

    Lauren – I love his details. They always impress me. The view is actually from standing on the platform, so the black in the very front (bottom) is the platform and the red circles are the edge of the platform. In DC there are circle lights in cobble-stoney pavement at the edge of the platform. When the train is coming the lights flash, alternating every other one, to alert you to stand back. Lex thought this was fascinating. In his picture he made the lights red… come to think of it they might of flashed red when the train was coming… I can’t remember. In his picture you can’t see the bottom of the train because it’s lined up with the edge of the platform. I LOVE his attention to detail.

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