Lex’s first blog post

Lex makes great “creations” with blocks and Legos and paper and all sorts of things. Often he’ll take pictures of his creations. Even more often I’ll take pictures of them! Sometimes I remind him about the blog and offer to let him post his pictures. Tonight he took me up on the offer! What you see below is Lex’s first blog post. Exciting, huh?! He wrote the title and picked the photos to use and together we uploaded them. By that point it was getting late and we had a game of Life to play before bedtime, so he narrated captions to me and I typed and navigated the WordPress interface. I’m an old pro at that! He was pretty excited about the whole thing. Someday you may see more from him! :)


I had him write down the number of each photo he wanted to add, instead of flipping between programs as I normally do. He worked so hard at it. He's so cute!

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