First day of school – first grade

The big day finally arrived. Lex slept late (bugger!) and we had to wake him up. I made pancakes for breakfast, not to celebrate but because we were out of most everything else! He fussed a bit about going and tried to hide under the table, but when I got him to talk to me he decided it would be best to leave sooner rather than later so we could arrive a bit early and he could be one of the first ones in the room. I think it’s easier for a kid like him to see the kids trickle in as opposed to having to walk into a full classroom. Unfortunately it seems everyone else had the same idea! The parking lot was packed and Lex immediately got apprehensive again. He dragged his feet into the building, but luckily for me didn’t put up a physical fight. I had to pull him along when we got into the building and he suddenly “forgot” where his classroom was. Good thing he showed it to me over the summer! When we got to the room it was pretty full. He immediately started crying. Poor boy. His best buddy (so sweet!) ran over and said, “Hey brother, welcome back!!” and tried to pull him into the classroom. Lex fell (prat fall really) and wailed louder that he got hurt. His poor friend had huge eyes and felt awful. I found myself trying to reassure both of them. Then a sweet little girl came over and gave Lex a big hug. Lex cried some more and hid under the cubbies. I felt so bad for him. I got his stuff put away and gave him big hugs and left. His teacher took my sobbing son and walked him back into the classroom, while I walked my sobbing self down the hall. Again I was thankful that he did not put up a physical fight.

Eve and I spent the morning grocery shopping. She was so excited for school that she packed her backpack (spare clothes “just in case,” a water bottle “in case I get thirsty” and a snack) and carried it around the grocery store. Then we hit the library quickly, then home for unloading, lunch, a few stories, and back in the car headed to her open house. She starts school tomorrow but today they had an hour to meet the teacher, see the classroom, and meet their classmates. Easy peasy for Evie. She had fun. She was very tired by the end though. Then back in the car to pick up Lex and head home.

Back at Lex’s school he was all smiles at pick-up. He said he had a great day, “except for the very beginning,” and liked gym class best. I guess Tuesday’s are gym days. Good to know. So far he’s planning on going back again tomorrow! :)


I wasn't about to attempt photography today, but here is a picture of him from last week, smiling with his new backpack.



Eve got a new backpack too. I'll try to get a good "first day of school" picture of her tomorrow :)



Eve went straight for the sand table at open house today. She loves sand.

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  1. Best wishes for a great school year, and congratulations to the new first grader, and the new pre-K’er…their schools are lucky to have such great kids! Much love…

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