You spelled “box” and you have a box

This morning Lex was playing with a cardboard box, then went over to the refrigerator and sounded out the word “box” as he found the letters and put them together on the fridge. Then he very excitedly ran over to tell me, “you spelled box!!” (still some pronoun confusion) He showed me many times then decided to put the letters into the Word Whammer. I think it’s pretty cool that all on his own he thought of a word and spelled it. He’s such a smart boy!

Random notes: He kind of has mush mouth in these videos. Probably because it was first thing in the morning. In the second video, about half way through he says “inside outside upside down” which is a Berenstain Bears book about Brother Bear in a box. At the end of the 2nd video he says something about getting him with his eyes closed, because the other day I was commenting on how I always get him with his eyes closed in pictures these days. The kid has an amazing memory for random stuff like that. We used the potato masher today for the first time since last summer. Lex pulled it out of the drawer and said “this is how we mash blueberries for blueberry jam.” Ok, now I’m totally off
topic so I’ll stop typing. :)

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