Pasta, pasta

We had exciting happenings at our house last night. Exciting! I made Pasta with Sun Gold Tomatoes (with asparagus becuase it’s delicious and cherry tomatoes because I couldn’t find sun gold tomatoes at the store!) from Bon Appetit magazine. I also put out fresh baked French baguette because I wanted the tired kids to eat something. Well, eat they did! Bread of course, and Lex was feeling so brave he even tried a little butter on his bread (seriously!) That was such a success (because who doesn’t like butter with bread?!?) that he even worked up the courage to try the pasta!! This is big happenings in our house! Whole wheat spaghetti, asparagus, tomatoes, all mixed together with a cheesy sauce (not super WW friendly)… and he ate it! He didn’t love the veggies, but he ate a small serving of the pasta. It was amazing and exciting :) I know many parents of kindergarteners with their kids would eat anything besides pasta, but in this house we are thrilled when they finally eat pasta!! Of course, Eve happily ate her food once Lex decided it was acceptable. I wonder if he’ll try it again. Should I press my luck and make mac & cheese? :)

2 thoughts on “Pasta, pasta

  1. Congratulations! I remember so many times after we had gone on a trip somewhere, one of you kids would suddenly show some kind of growth spurt- talking, physically, behavior, something! Something about going on a trip, to new surroundings, seems to result in some fun new growth in a seemingly unrelated area. What fun!

    Love and hugs

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