Halloween 2010 – Part 2

Halloween Day.  Finally :) But first, one more picture from last night.


Alan in his costume :)

This morning was nice and quiet. I didn’t get the paper read, but I did get to sleep until 8am! That’s a good trade, in my opinion! :) Then we hung out, played outside for awhile with the neighbors, had lunch and naps. Then off to the local mall for trick-or-treating. We met another family there. Superman is Lex’s friend from school. They are so cute together :)

Eve in a mask

This is just a cool picture, lighting wise. She is wearing a dinosaur mask that Lex got from the birthday party yesterday.

Chalk drawing

It's never too cold for sidewalk chalk!


Superheros ready to fight crime and get candy. (I'm pretty sure Lex only put on his costume because his friend was waiting for him. Yay for friends!)

trick or treating at the mall

Trick-or-treating at the mall. They both said trick-or-treat and thank you :)

Scary hand

This bowl was great. The hand moved when you reached in for candy. Lex watched his friend get some candy, then Eve, then a few other kids, then Lex decided he didn't want any of that candy anyway :)

Two superheros

I tried over and over to get a good picture of the two of them, and this was all I got. Kind of a good picture. They look serious anyway!

Mommy and Eve

A witch and her black cat. Meow! (we are friendly, of course, not evil)

group shot

We tried to get a group shot. Right at the end we managed to get the four of them together, but only for the briefest of seconds. The lady bug is Superman's baby sister. They came over for a playdate last week and the kids all loved her. :)

Back to the house for awhile, had some dinner, then redressed for some chilly evening trick-or-treating. Mandy and Rachel and Grampy Don came along, while Alan stayed home scaring children who stopped at our house. This year we did our whole street AND a few houses on another street. A first for us! The kids were thrilled and lucky to have the Aunties along (Mandy and Rachel, can I call you the Aunties? :) ) When their gallon jugs got full and heavy from candy, Mandy and Rachel volunteered to carry them. It was a really fun night.

Eve and Mandy



She cracks me up.

Kitty Eve

So many pictures of Eve, I know, but she is just so photogenic lately. Love that smile!

Outdoor kitty

Eve in her outdoor gear. Two layers and a headscarf. Still adorable.


He wanted nothing to do with the face mask, but I think the hat is cool too.

The loot

Once they filled up two gallons of candy we decided to head home.

Just a few pieces

Lex wanted to eat "just a few pieces" of candy before bed. I gave them about 20 minutes to gorge themselves and then rounded them up for a warm bath and bedtime.

3 thoughts on “Halloween 2010 – Part 2

  1. What a blast yesterday was!! So much fun!!! And loved pillaging the candy armories after they went to bed.

    And yes, you can refer to Rachel and me as aunties. I know I’d love that, and I think Rachel would too.

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