Halloween 2010 – Part 1

I realize it isn’t even Halloween yet, but somehow this day of candy gorging seems to have turned into almost a week for us! Starting with Eve’s preschool costume parade on Thursday. Last night we went to a Halloween party at Alan’s office. Lex refused to dress up (reserving his costume for the ACTUAL Halloween event!), but Eve and I donned our gear for the party.

This kitty caught herself a spider.

This kitty caught herself a spider.

Me and Eve

I witch I had a spiderweb necklace! :)

Running the halls

Towards the end of the party Lex, Eve, and Mr. Incredible spent some time (ok, a lot of time!) running the halls and yelling, having a blast.

This morning we all enjoyed NOT rushing out of the house at 7am as we have done the past few days. Instead we had a leisurely morning and then made our way to the Fright River Flyer for a haunted train ride with Gammy and Popcube. It was chilly and very much NOT haunted, but we all had fun anyway.


Love that face, even though she didn't want me to take her picture. It's hard to resist!


The train made a weird unexpected (to me) stop at a farm stand where the kids were all given mini pumpkins. I think it was more so the grownups would all buy coffee and cookies (we did).

Eve reading the flyer

She looks quite concerned while reading this train brochure. Perhaps because she can't read? Or maybe because the brocure is upside down?! :)

The train trip ended about an hour later than expected, which left us rushing home for a quick lunch and then off to a birthday party. Eve and Alan stayed home while Lex and I went to his friend’s birthday party. I was worried because he was so tired and barely ate lunch, but he had a BLAST! He cried only once, when I was told that parents can drop off their kids and leave. His eyes welled up and he asked me please, please not to leave him alone. So I stayed. Luckily I’m friends with the family so it was nice to stay and chat with them anyway.

Rope swing

The birthday boy on the rope swing. Can you find Lex?

Climbing the mat

It's hard to get good pictures in this place! Here he is at the top of the mountain, about to toss a beanbag into that "donut" behind the line of kids!

Cake time

When they were all done with gymnastics, Lex looked up at me in the balcony and yelled "Mom, it's time for cake!" Like he endured all that fun activity just to get cake :) Here he is now, enjoying his dinosaur cupcake.

After the party and Eve’s nap, we spent the rest of the evening coloring at the table. Lex said he needed some relaxing time :) They had a giant snack around 4:45 and skipped dinner.


I LOVE when he reads to her! Even if they are reading a coloring book :)


Eve wrote "pumpkin" on her little pumpkin. She is getting so good with her letters!

Tomorrow we will chill in the morning. I might even read the paper!! :) Then off to the mall (hehe… or what passes for a mall around here!) for trick-or-treating with the Johnson family and one of Lex’s classmates. Hello candy!

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