Today was a beautiful day. We spent the
morning at a local lake where Eve and I swam while Lex sat on
the blanket, fully dressed, and watched some campers play beach
volleyball. He refused to put on a bathing suit, but seemed
really happy to be there and just hang out.

Then we came home for naps. Lex insisted that
he wasn’t tired and didn’t want a nap, but he agreed to stay
still and quiet in his bed for one whole CD. I told him that
when the CD was over he could go sit in my bed and have quiet
time instead. Not surprisingly, he fell asleep half way through
the first song!! Two hours later he woke up and went into my
room for quiet time :) I went up and told him that he had
napped and could come down now, but he decided he wanted his
quiet time and stayed up there for over an hour! At one point I
went up and saw this. Of course I had to grab the camera!

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