A quick late night post

It’s super late, but I just have to brag
about how helpful and independent Lex is becoming. This morning
I was sweeping the kitchen and he said he wanted to help. He
grabbed the little hand broom we have and swept all around
their booster seats and the chairs they are attached too. It
sounds silly, but it was really helpful! Those things get dirty
and he left a great pile of crumbs and gook for me to sweep up.
Then he decided it was time to dust and he grabbed a wet cloth
and started dusting the living room. After I finished sweeping
I asked if he wanted to watch a show while I took a shower (Eve
and Alan were both still sleeping), but he said he wanted to
keep dusting instead! Crazy child! So he dusted and I showered.

On an entirely different note, I’ve
been really frustrated with bath time lately because they are
crazy in the tub and I spend the whole time yelling at them to
settle down and not splash so much. We’ve had water leakage
issues in the past and I’m paranoid about it. I decided to try
separate baths and see if that helped. Last night she went
first and when I put him in the tub he said he wanted to bath
himself. So I sat next to him and talked him through washing
his hair, face and body. He did great. He was so proud and kept
saying, “I’m learning how to give myself a bath. I like
learning.” :) Then he learned how to dry himself off with the
towel and get dressed quickly (hallelujah to that, he normally
bounces around and takes forever to get dressed!) Tonight he
insisted on doing it himself again. This time he went first and
Eve was hanging out upstairs waiting for her turn. As she came
in and out of the bathroom Lex narrated what he was doing to
her, interspersing it with, “See Eve, I’m learning. I’m
learning how to give myself a bath.” and other little lines
like that. I love how proud he is to learn! :)

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