A rabbit, an alligator, two musk oxen…

a strawberry, a mole, a spider, a fish,
and the letter E…. these are the things Eve “ate” while we
were reading a Wild Animal Baby magazine last night. When she
was sitting on the potty before bed she grabbed another book
and I was expecting her to “eat” her way through that too.
Instead she point to a statue and said, “It’s a statue! We
don’t eat statues. I want to hold his hand,” and she proceeded
to “hold hands” with the picture in the book. She is soooo
super silly! Today we made a “family sandwich” (Alan and I hug
with the kids squished in the middle, it makes everyone laugh).
Lex started squirming away and Eve took a big pretend
(thankfully!) bite of the sandwich! Never a dull moment with
her around.

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