Blueberry-a-rific day!

We went blueberry picking today. It was
fun. The kids were super excited about it yesterday but then
Lex threw me for a loop this morning when he insisted that he
would not leave the house. Bugger! Once I reminded him of our
blueberry-muffin-making afternoon plans, he was raring to go
again! Yay! We met Michelle and co there and a friend of hers
who has a 4yr old boy and a baby girl. The kids all had a great
time running around, filling up Michelle’s basket (she
announced plans to make blueberry ice cream and that seemed to
motivate the kids the most) and feeding blueberries to the baby
in the stroller. A good time was had by all.

After working hard in the field we headed to Panera Bread
for a lunch of blueberry bagels and milk. The kids were equally
excited for both. Here are a few cute pictures of Lex and
Caitlin. It was the only time my camera came out during the

told me that Caitlin is his friend. I think that brings him up
to two friends – Eve and Caitlin :) This afternoon we made
blueberry muffins. They came out ok… not fabulous, but ok. I
haven’t found a blueberry muffin recipe that I really like. At
least the kids are always happy with them :)

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