Happy Birthday Lex!

Happy 5th Birthday to my boy today! Where does the time go?! There are periods of my life that I have totally forgotten, and then there are days that I remember in full detail. Five years ago today was one of those days. We ended up holding a tiny baby boy that night, a boy that would change our lives, and now here we are, five years later, with a big kid! A sweet, helpful, strong-willed, intelligent, smiley big kid. I feel very fortunate today. (’cause it’s all about me, you know!)

We had pancakes for breakfast and I made him a silly card (crayons and construction paper at 11:30 last night!) to start his day off right. No presents, yet. Alan has a geeky one for him this afternoon. I’ll let Alan tell you all about it some other time. Lex took his “moon rocks” to school and everyone was wishing him a Happy Birthday. He was super proud, and thrilled when his teacher noticed his shorts and t-shirt. Eve and I made cupcakes this morning and we’ll have them at snack time. Alan and Lex are going to an energy meeting tonight. They are both excited. Eve and I are going grocery shopping, and a little less excited :) I need to start planning for the birthday party (non-party) this weekend. I think I’m going to stop at the balloon store while we’re out today. That will make him happy :)

Lex with his cookies

Happy 5th Birthday Lex!

Lex and Eve

The birthday boy with his proud little sister


A little morning artwork. He drew a house and a tree, then a boy climbing the tree and smiling sun. I love it!

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