Kindergarten Orientation

Lex had his kindergarten orientation today. It was rather uneventful. He was “excited and just a little bit nervous” as we got to school. I told him there would be four kids in his group so he got a little bit more nervous when he saw a parking lot full of cars. I guess I had forgotten to tell him it was a school day and there would be four in his group, but a whole school full of kids as well. He did fine. They brought my into a room to do paperwork and he went away happily with the principal. Afterwards he told me he built a block tower with someone and did some other things, but he couldn’t remember what. His favorite part was that he got an extra snack today! They had graham crackers and apple juice. He told me he said no thank you to the apple juice and they let him get a drink of water from the fountain instead. He was a little sad that they wouldn’t give him another graham cracker (probably didn’t have enough time), but I bought him some at the store today and he was thrilled :) Sometimes it’s the easy things that are the best. Anyway, a non-eventful event, I suppose. He seems to be no more or less excited about kindergarten in the fall. I think he still wants to stay at pre-k. :)

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