School vacation, off to a not-so-great start

I forgot to add to my last post that Alan and I had an fun date night last night! His company had “Family Movie Night” and they bought tickets and concessions for all employees and family at a local theater. We got to choose the film and time. Alan and I decided to get a babysitter and have a date instead of a family movie (nothing kid friendly playing!) Anyway, we saw Date Night, which was hilarious!! Especially for an old married couple! There were a few lines by Tina Fey that cracked up just the women in the room. Such as her yelling to a bunch of men holding guns, “My kids are going to have me up in 90 minutes! This ends now!!” Anyway, it was fun.

Today was the first day of school vacation. We spent the morning doing what we used to do, playing, relaxing and exercising. We all napped and then Lex woke up ready to play Sorry. He beat me twice and then let me win (seriously!) the third time. By the end he was complaining that he’s too tired to move his pieces, and then too tired to get down from the table. I carried him to the couch where he promptly threw up! Ugh! So we spent the afternoon on the couch, watching Wall-E and throwing up. Fun, fun. I just emailed the mother of tomorrow’s playdate to cancel that. Hopefully he wakes up feeling top-notch tomorrow! More importantly, hopefully he makes it through tonight vomit free!!

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