Shirt update

I know everyone is concerned with Lex’s shirt situation! Lex put up a royal fuss last night because neither of his two “favorite” shirts were clean for this morning. Alan and I stayed firm and survived the fight. Lex eventually settled down and went to sleep saying he would try a new shirt in the morning, with the condition that he could wear his PJ shirt to school if he didn’t like the new one. Alan and I went to bed expecting the battle to continue in the morning. Lex woke up and, with minimal convincing, TRIED A NEW SHIRT!!! And he even liked it!!! Imagine that! Then he said, “I bet my teacher will be surprised to see me wearing a new shirt.” He wore the new (new to him, actually purchased from a thrift store in my attempt to get something already worn and comfy for him) shirt to school and his teacher was duly surprised. :) This afternoon his shirt got dirty and he went upstairs and came down with another NEW shirt!! He’s wearing it now! Crazy boy :)

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