My rock star’s final HPAC

So many years ago tiny little Lex joined the Hartford Performing Arts Camp and today he did his final HPAC performance. It was a little bittersweet, but mostly just AMAZING!! He has come so far and I love everything about him. I found myself recording every song. You can watch the playlist on YouTube, if you want to.

I grinned from ear to ear throughout the whole show. This evening he took a little stroll with me down memory lane as we watch the videos from the first year and remembered how it all began. He then pointed out that he’s currently wearing the green HPAC shirt from that first show! It was too big then and it’s a little small now, but he still loves it. It felt like a poetic way to wrap up his HPAC experience. I will be forever grateful to the music teachers at all three schools for guiding Lex through his musical discovery and setting him on what will hopefully be a life-long journey. 💗

One thought on “My rock star’s final HPAC

  1. Wowsa! The videos all loaded one after another! That was a super great way to start my morning…thank you Lex and thank you Tessa! Lex is incredible!
    I also loved the dark haired kid that played French Horn…especially on the Brick in the Wall number. And your band director rocked the xylophone too…Thank you so much for sharing this with us…it’s amazing to think the kids learned so many songs in a few short weeks. HPAC has been fun for us too over the years..sorry we’re not there to be part of it this year. Your babies are too old for gramma and grampy to babysit anymore!

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