COVID-19 hits home – Part II

We all tested again Sunday night (well, not Eve, but the rest of us) to prepare for back to school on Monday.

Mine 👆🏻 😫 The boys were both negative.

So Eve and I are home this week, isolating (not really) from each other. The boys each did a PCR test at school on Monday. Lex was kind of bummed that he had to go to school while Eve and I stayed home, but I reminded him of the upcoming FRC season that kicks off on Saturday, and he reminded me of his final exams next week, so we both agreed it was best he didn’t get Covid. Let’s hope his PCR test agrees!!

Eve and I both have mild symptoms. It feels (to me) like a head cold, one that in normal times I’d pop a Dayquil and continue on with my day. Stuffy nose, small cough, headache, she woke up with an ear ache this morning, I have a burny feeling in my nose, etc.

On the bright side, it’s beautiful and sunny this week.

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