COVID-19 hits home

After nearly two years of successfully avoiding the dreaded coronavirus, it finally hit our family. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas together, then Rose found out on Monday night that she was infected. We were all back in our own homes by then and scrambled to find testing options. I got free rapid tests (antigen tests) from a state distribution and the four of us in my house tested negative on Tuesday morning. I also scheduled more precise PCR tests for as soon as possible, which ended up being Wednesday morning. Eve work up Tuesday with congestion and a sore throat, which she blamed on swallowing too much pool water while swimming with Rose and Joyce on Sunday. I also developed a sore throat and by Wednesday morning was convinced I had Covid for sure! We all got PCR tested Wednesday morning. Results came back overnight.

Covid results:
Me ✖️
Lex ✖️
B’Lake ✖️
Eve ✔️ 😩

I cancelled all plans and now we are figuring out how to contain the spread. Fortunately everyone is happy spending all day on their computers and ignoring one another. Eve is masking, as is B’Lake. Lex and I decided not to. We’ll see how that plays out.

I took Lex to get his booster shot today as well. Unrelated. So I think we are going to finish out this vacation week very quietly. I hope her symptoms stay mild, I hope the booster shot doesn’t take Lex down, and I hope no one else gets sick. 🤞🏻

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