Vacation rambles

Hey! It’s Christmas vacation! Yay!!! I’m sitting here in the dark, deleting old emails while Lex plays Minecraft and Alan and Eve watch The Mandalorian. Suddenly I thought, hey, I should do a quick blog post! :)

I got a new toy for school and did some practicing at home. :)

School is going well this year, but I’m perpetually tired and feel like a pretty lousy teacher. I still have no curriculum and I’m not happy with my current 4th/5th grade long-term activity. Fortunately there are lots of kids who like library, so that keeps me going. :) My vacation plans for the next two week include sleep, sleep, some reading, and more sleep. Yesterday my big plan was to make a veggie platter to bring to my friend Elizabeth’s holiday party. My plan for today was lunch with my friend Lisa, and make holiday grocery shopping list. My plan for tomorrow… grocery shopping! Tuesday we clean, and then the real fun begins. :)

Last night we went to Elizabeth’s holiday party. They throw the best parties! I wish there was more time to chat with my bestie, but at least I got to talk to lots of other friends and enjoy the holiday spirit.

I do make a mean veggie platter!

Today I had lunch with my other bestie. We share parenting stories and marriage stories and it feels so good to be heard and supported and she’s hysterical so we laugh and laugh. I’m hoping in the next week or two we can all three get lunch.

After sleeping a lot, my secondary vacation goal is to reconnect with friends. <3

At school my fish had babies a few days ago. All the kids were thrilled. This year I have an interested para and several third graders taking care of the tank. They clean it (somewhat) and feed the fish and are really interested.

See all the tiny babies?!

I decided to make sure I feed them regularly over vacation so they don’t eat the babies. I went in today to feed them and was shocked to find it like a ghost town (tank?) in there. Instead of the usual 12ish fish swarming for food, I could only find five, and all were hidden in the rocks and castles. No babies. :( I think there was a holiday massacre in my fish tank yesterday. I’m going to have some very disappointed kids when they get back from vacation. :(

I took Huxley to school with me to feed the fish. He did not like school! I’m not sure why, but he was in a big hurry to get out of there! LOL.

This cuddle bug doesn’t know what’s about to hit with the holidays coming our way!

Alright, show’s over now so I’m going to turn on the lights and get the bedtime routine started! Happy vacation to those who have it! <3

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