Good News! (or Eve update – part III)

I got a call from the doctor with the results from the second part of the Lyme test. It came back negative. Which means, says the doctor, that she doesn’t have Lyme disease. So I asked if the first test was wrong and she said maybe. Or maybe this one is. Haha. Apparently this disease has got everyone confused – doctors and patients alike! The doctor said given the symptoms and timeline that she read about, since she didn’t actually get to see Eve, the doctor thinks it’s likely she doesn’t have Lyme. However, we both agreed finishing out this course of antibiotics (which I just realized I forgot to give her the evening dose – damn it!) and then see how she’s doing then. This Lyme thing is nuts. It’s got everyone flummoxed!

On another note, mom and dad, less than an hour after you left the kids were wrestling and Lex got a busted lip. Not too bad, but it bled and needed ice. Then I forgot Eve’s meds tonight. I don’t think you should leave me in charge of these kids!! :)

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