Eve update – part II

Got a phone call from the hospital this evening. Eve’s Lyme test came back positive. :/ Not a good diagnosis, but it does explain the fevers, headaches, and vomiting. They phoned in a prescription for amoxicillin and Alan picked it up on the way home from work. I’m going to give our primary care doctor a call in the morning to ask a few questions. Google is all over the place and since we really have no concrete idea when she was bit (we’re blaming it on camp, but that’s not a certainty) it’s hard to know what to expect. Lyme disease is so vague! I’m hoping a few weeks of antibiotics will do the trick and we won’t have any more trouble.

2 thoughts on “Eve update – part II

  1. Lyme disease, yikes! I won’t share the horror stories about the people I know that have contracted it out this way, just hoping she makes a quick and complete recovery! And hoping the house sale goes smoothly from here on out. I’ve never sold a house that I didn’t feel I should have gotten more for, but it always feels good once it’s done!

  2. You all are in our prayers. Every night. You have Him on your side above, and medically trained people all around. Give her our love. May I request prayers on Facebook for her. No names or locations of course. Let me know by text message when you get this. Or tomorrow, too late for tonight it can wait.

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