Today’s lessons

  1. When everyone is in a bad mood in the morning (dog, Eve, dad) I somehow buffer that energy (take in, usurp, soak in, I don’t know) and end up feeling exhausted by 8am!
  2. Nuoska/Arlo (Alan calls him Nuoskarlo) doesn’t like the rain and doesn’t like the feel of wet grass on his paws.
  3. Nouska/Arlo won’t do proper bathroom breaks when he won’t walk on the grass and twelve walks a day don’t make a difference if he won’t take care of business!
  4. Nouska/Arlo is very, very naughty when he is bored and/or needs to use the bathroom
  5. Nouska/Arlo is very, very annoying when his is naughty!
  6. Lex is not very good at supervising the dog when the two of them are home alone together.
  7. Nouska/Arlo likes to eat books and Legos.  The children are not very happy with him tonight.
  8. It is wonderful to have kind and thoughtful neighbors who are willing to help with advice and proper training collars.
  9. Nuoskarlo is still a pretty sweet dog, he just takes a bit more patience.  I need baby sign language for the dog!
  10. A glass (or three) of wine is helpful after a day like today!

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