I’m six days in to dog ownership and already wishing we had an electric fence.  He is such a toddler and I regularly have no idea what he wants, so we walk.  Ten times a day, up and down the street, me just hoping he will pee or poop or something and just stop whining! Brings back memories of countless trips to “check out the fire hydrant” with my little human toddlers.

On the bright side, the stars are lovely tonight. 

(These are the times I miss Facebook, when I just want to complain and I want a dozen fellow dog owners to sympathize and empathize and maybe even recommend a good trainer.  Facebook, like the sirens’ song.)

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  1. I was wondering about a fence when you talked about the dog park. Seems very needy for you to need to facilitate his every trip outside for physical activity. You’re both getting lots of steps in.

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