Valentine Express

We have this book called The Valentine Express that we’ve had for years and years. It’s a cute story of bunny siblings that learn about Valentine’s Day in school and decide to make Valentine’s Day gifts for all of their neighbors. We read the story every year and often get inspiration for cards.


The Valentine Express

Today, after a late night at hockey, Eve spent the afternoon in her room making Valentine’s Day treats. She decided to make treats for each neighbor and came down once to have me help her count houses.


Meanwhile her new dog enjoyed a a delicious popcorn snack. :)

She finally finished around 5:3pm and wanted to head right out and deliver them. For some reason she wants to put them in mailboxes, not knock on doors. We’ll see what the neighbors think of that. She signed them all “from Cupid,” but I thought it wiser to have her name on them. :)


Two Valentine “trees” and a very serious face.


A sampling of her creations.

Seeing as it was 5:30pm, dark, and 2° outside, I talked her into waiting until morning to deliver the goods. She agreed, reluctantly.

She then had a mini-meltdown when she realized how messy her room was, hid herself under the coffee table with a book, missed dinner, and went to be in tears. Sweet tired girl. Hopefully an early bedtime will help her make it through the day tomorrow. <3

2 thoughts on “Valentine Express

  1. Unfortunately the neighbors may not get them if they are in the mailbox. The inside of the mailbox is federal property/jurisdiction, etc. If anything other than cancelled mail from the post office is found in the mailbox they will remove it and dispose of it.

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