Dartmouth Hockey

I worked at the PTO concessions fundraiser again this year and the kids got to take in another Dartmouth hockey game. It was a good game and D won 2-1 in OT! I was ready to go after we closed the booth partway through the 3rd period, but the kids wanted to stay until the end. Good thing too. It got exciting at the end!

Grandpa Tom was with us and picked the best seat, but the kids wanted to be front row so they hung out with a buddy right by the (plexi)glass!


Can you see them down there? They were chanting and cheering and probably bothering everyone around. :)


I wanted a good picture, but they gave me this. Look at that attitude!


I kept snapping until I got this. Those are the smiles I love. :)


Look who made front page of the sports section this morning!! (Look past those hockey players ;) )

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