Lex lost a tooth, in one day!

Lex came downstairs this morning and told me he had a loose tooth. He was pretty concerned about it because he thought he was done losing teeth. I reassured him that it was all fine and normal and he relaxed.

Eve and I went out for grocery shopping and errands this afternoon and I when I got home Lex told me his tooth fell out. All calm and laid back. I said, “WHAT?! Already?!” He swears he just noticed it being loose this morning, and when I felt it it was definitely loose, but not “hanging by a thread” loose. Then he showed me his mouth.


Alan told me this is too gross to post, but I’m gonna be a rebel and to do it anyway. It’s my blog and I can post what I want to! :)


Look at that other tooth in the hole? Usually you have a bit of time between falling out and growing in, but that tooth in there was halfway in before it knocked out the baby tooth. Craziness! :) For some reason Lex is a little unsettled by the whole thing. He’s not sure what to do with the tooth (no tooth fairy for him) and just seems a little “meh.” I’m not sure he believes me that it’s normal to still be losing teeth. It has been awhile since the last one and he really thought he was done.

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