There goes another tooth!

Eve lost another tooth today.  The top, right canine.  These days it is so much more mundane than it was in the early days.  I knew she had a few loose ones in there, but she told me last night that her tooth was about to fall out. I felt it and boy was she right!  She wanted a treasure box from school though, so she didn’t wiggle too much.  Today she said a friend taught her out to get them out (“Just twist and pull. Easy!”) and she got her treasure box.  :-)


The tooth fairy usually brings her gold dollars coins, which she never spends, but she said tonight that she was hoping for a dollar bill so she could add it to her doll savings.  I told her she can add the gold coins too, but she said they are way too pretty to spend.  :-)  The tooth fairy left a crisp dollar bill with a red heart stamped on it.  I hope that’s not too pretty to spend!

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