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For years now I have wanted Eve to join the swim team. She would be sooo good at it.  She is a strong swimmer, athletic, and competitive.  Perfect for swim team.  However, it is a big expense and time commitment, and she has had no interest so it hasn’t happened.  Until yesterday.

She came home last week and said she wanted to join the team.  I don’t know what changed in her mind, but suddenly she was interested.  I spent a few days researching when she could start (immediately), what the cost is (a lot) and when they practice (exact same times as karate, of course).  Yesterday we decided to go for a trial swim.  I really hoped she would like it.  Her best friend is on the team and Eve really needs more big muscle activity.  She has soooo much energy and nothing to do with it.

She was thrilled to be back in the pool.  We don’t have an aquatic center membership anymore and it has been a long time since she last swam.  Probably last summer, in a lake.  So she swam in the splash park with her friends for awhile, then headed over to the competition pool to join the team.




When they were done they joined the next level team in the bleachers, with parents and others, for an announcement on the upcoming fundraiser swim-a-thon.  When that was over and she made it back to me she broke down into baby Eve.  She snuggled in tight and told me it was too hard.  She said she didn’t know what she was doing and it was so hard and she just wants to swim her way and not be told what to do, which has always been her main reason for not wanting to join.  I’m bummed, but not surprised.  She said she wants to swim more then maybe try again another time.   I wish it wasn’t so expensive.  I should probably get a membership again.  Swimming is so good for both of them and they love it.

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  1. just move somewhere warm that they can swim outdoors for free longer than 3 months a year. wink wink.
    Oh my gosh i can totally relate to staying strong through the whole thing until mommy gives you a hug and falling to pieces! Moms rock!

  2. Hi there-Avery tried it 1-2 years ago too, where she actually was in trial for 4-6 weeks, (participating 2x week w/o needing to join/pay yet) and did well/seemed to like it, and when it came time to join, didn’t want to. I was disappointed but not surprised either, and in truth, a little relieved given the high costs. Recently, I pitched to Hartford rec (they ask that you forward ideas…) that they work w/ UVAC to offer a swim program other than lessons, (and beyond the 5 weeks swim lessons for 2nd-3rd graders), at a reasonable cost, for fun exercise (I’m thinking swim level 5 and up). Perhaps improvement of stroke; lap time, fun recreational games that include swimming laps or distance (perhaps a variety of relays?), and then end w/ recreational water play time. I suggested the after school time during weekdays (maybe 1 or 2 x week) when UVAC traffic tends to be lowest, and the $35-50 price range. UVAC is so convenient and appealing, but cost prohibitive for us except for the occasional visit… (and the 2 weeks for $25 was great this summer, too). Anyway, what do you think? Cheers, Leah

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